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For Personal  Consultations

-Please contact Pamela today to schedule an appointment-
toll free: (866) 443-0652 (PST)
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Lightning Dream Coach for Private Consultations 


Sessions are $85.00 for one hour ; $125.00 for one hour and 30 minutes, or $25.00 for 15 minutes 

Pamela uses Lightning Dreamwork developed by Robert Moss, to guide you with the Dreamwork Process:

  • Begin honoring dreams
  • Use Conscious Dreaming to re-enter dreams in a meditative state,
  • Meet dream allies, and
  • Confront nightmares.

Pamela became a Level Three Dream Teacher Coach trained personally by Robert Moss, founder of the Lightning Dreamwork Process, Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming, in 2007. Telephone appointments also available by calling toll free at (877)624-6246. I am also available for online chat for this service. It's easy, contact me for details. I also accept visa or mastercard, or check. Call today at (877)624-6246 You may also visit Pamela's website http://www.timeforme.com. Information available upon request. Click stargoddess@astrologystarlight.com or Call toll free: (877)624-6246 or(415)459-4692 PST

When people are helped to open their dreamgates and travel consciously into the dreamspace and work with the gifts of their dreams, we often facilitate soul recovery. As Shamans understand this soul loss of our deeper purpose and our basic connection to our life force results in confusion and illness, dream reentry will help reclaim those missing parts of ourselfes that have left us weak and without purpose. 

Reach Pamela McHenry clicking stargoddess@astrologystarlight.com at the top of this webpage.

Or call toll free: (877)624-6246