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Holistic Practitioner & Minister

  • Aligning with your divine blueprint to gain mastery over your life
  • Recreate your confidence and power to make positive changes
  • Great results in letting go of blocks that stand in your way to recreate and enjoy life to your highest potential
  • Learn how to stay centered and focused in what you are wanting to accomplish - your career, love life and relationships or in your life's purpose.
  • Go deeper and gain more insight to uncover your enthusiasm, joy and passion. 
  • DNA Activation and Clearing unwanted patterns

Meditation - Contact our minister and holistic practitioner in Kentfield, California, for wedding ceremonies, metaphysical energy and spiritual counseling, and astrology services!

Holistic Practitioner
Pamela McHenry practices metaphysical and spiritual counseling for all. Pamela will guide you to use your time in order to let go of unwanted energies that drain you and help to empower you to reconnect with your own well of power, spirituality and inner-strength using guided imagery, meditation, dreams, astrology, and hypnotherapy.

As a Dream Coach, you will experience the Lightning Dreamwork process, begin honoring dreams, and use Conscious Dreaming to re-enter dreams in a meditative state, meet dream allies, and confront nightmares. You may want to click here and visit the Beginner's Dreamguide I wrote for NBC Universal's I'Village website.

Pamela will also help you discover how to stand on your own through phone consultations. Don't forget to ask about her raindrop therapy sessions using essential oils for deep relaxation and integration!

Bride and groom - Contact our minister and holistic practitioner in Kentfield, California, for wedding ceremonies, metaphysical energy and spiritual counseling, and astrology services!

Minister Weddings
 Pamela McHenry performs wedding ceremonies that bring individuals into a path of love and joy, reflecting the essence of their inner selves. Pamela works with individuals of all denominations. She helps them to bring in their fullest potential and highest dreams to have their wedding day the most magical moment of their lives. Pamela creates weddings to bring two individuals in love into a life of happiness and trust. Past guests have exclaimed that, "This was the best wedding ceremony I have ever been to. You brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart with how well you captured the essence of the bride and groom." Pamela will set the stage to bring love and blessings into the shared life of the bride and groom. All weddings will be customized to the couple's personal beliefs. Pamela can even share special moments from the couple's lives to highlight the occasion.

Crystal Ball - Contact our minister and holistic practitioner in Kentfield, California, for wedding ceremonies, metaphysical energy and spiritual counseling, and astrology services!


Call Today: Toll Free (877)624-6246 or Local (415)459-4692

Pamela McHenry uses esoteric astrology to easily help heighten your consciousness and awareness. You will be able to achieve your highest potential and reach your highest star using your divinity within. You will be given a helping hand in navigating through life and understanding your energy make-up and astrology star map horoscope with meaning and purpose. 


To view what Pamela wrote for NBC Universal I Village for your astrological forecast overview for 2009 which includes romance and career for all 12 signs, click here: Year 2009 Horoscopes. You might want to find a special gift this holiday season. Check out Pamela's recommendations for gift buying by clicking here: Gift-buying for your Husband by the Signs, as published by NBC Universal.


For the latest astrological insight into the celebrities click here: ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Click to see: My Blog. Her weekly blog gives you the inside scoop of your favorite stars’ personalities and desires relating to their horoscope, as well as the fashions they wear on the shows. You may be amazed at how many similarities you may share with these celebrities.

For your own amazing private astrology consultation, please provide your date, time, and place of birth for your horoscope reading. Pamela "Stargoddess" will be happy to give you a fantastic personal custom recorded astrology session. Ask Pamela also about compatibility charts and astrocartography. You may also visit her website at http://www.timeforme.com.

Contact our minister and holistic practitioner in Marin, California, for
Wedding Ceremonies, Metaphysical Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling, Dream work Coaching and Astrology Services!


Call Today: Toll Free (866)443-0652 or Local (415)459-4692


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Space Clearing $125.00 

Astrology Sessions $125.00

Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy $125.00